VR Game: Laser Training


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  Developed with Diego Bezares (diego@mistralsocialgames.com): http://mistralsocialgames.com/ This game is a technical demo demonstrating some baking visual techniques specific for virtual reality. You can download it from here. It is a game where you will have to avoid laser rays. A ball that is floating around will shoot you in order to test …

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Oculus VR Camera


Now that VR headsets are being made available to everyone at affordable prices there is an increasing demand for VR content. Developers are struggling since there is no standard to generate this VR content and it is not easy to reach all of the potential viewers. In order to make …

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Micro Rocket

I attended a micro rocket course. We learned some theory, created the micro rocket and launched it.



The finished rocket: Zascandil I


Building the rocket.

Animation lit with Arnold

I took one of the animation scenes I created when studying at Animation Mentor and lit it with Arnold. Here is the result:

I also made some attempts at illuminating the scene in different ways. Here are some of the tests that I did:


Original scene without any light


Dark room front lit with a projector.


Sunset light. This was the final illumination I used for the video


Scene lit using a skydome light


Tron illumination