VR Game: Laser Training


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  Developed with Diego Bezares (diego@mistralsocialgames.com): http://mistralsocialgames.com/ This game is a technical demo demonstrating some baking visual techniques specific for virtual reality. You can download it from here. It is a game where you will have to avoid laser rays. A ball that is floating around will shoot you in order to test …

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Animation lit with Arnold

I took one of the animation scenes I created when studying at Animation Mentor and lit it with Arnold. Here is the result:

I also made some attempts at illuminating the scene in different ways. Here are some of the tests that I did:


Original scene without any light


Dark room front lit with a projector.


Sunset light. This was the final illumination I used for the video


Scene lit using a skydome light


Tron illumination

First 3D Scene

I created this scene in 1999 as a pov-ray file. This represents a typical Spanish origami model called “pajarita” (little bird)



The original file and a thumbnail can still be found here