VR Game: Laser Training



Developed with Diego Bezares (

This game is a technical demo demonstrating some baking visual techniques specific for virtual reality.

You can download it from here.


It is a game where you will have to avoid laser rays. A ball that is floating around will shoot you in order to test your reflexes.


You will be located in a high poly and complex lighting environment. You will perceive parallax due lateral head movements increasing the presence feeling and avoiding motion sickness.


You will also observe dynamic lighting, with lights that will switch on and off in the scenario.

This game has very low system requirements and performs well on mobiles due to the stereoscopic techniques developed specifically for the game



Domino Animation Using XGen

This domino animation was created using Maya XGen and Arnold

The movement of the domino pieces is not a simulation but was created with expressions inside XGen and driven by this texture:


New Pajarita

I used my old “pajarita” model I did some years ago, and rendered it again with some effects in Arnold using MtoA



Forest done with XGen and Arnold

I created this forest in order to test functionality during the development of the Arnold extension for XGen.



An article explaining how the scene was created has appeared in 3D Artist issue 70


Animation lit with Arnold

I took one of the animation scenes I created when studying at Animation Mentor and lit it with Arnold. Here is the result:

I also made some attempts at illuminating the scene in different ways. Here are some of the tests that I did:


Original scene without any light


Dark room front lit with a projector.


Sunset light. This was the final illumination I used for the video


Scene lit using a skydome light


Tron illumination

Time Lapse

First Time Lapse test:

A pretty basic, but I learned things that I have to fix for the next one.

Animation Demo Reel

Animation Demo Reel 2011:



Animation Mentor

Some animations I did when studing at Animation Mentor:


3D Buzz

I created this animation as part of a 3DBuzz class, where I learned to use Maya:

First 3D Scene

I created this scene in 1999 as a pov-ray file. This represents a typical Spanish origami model called “pajarita” (little bird)



The original file and a thumbnail can still be found here


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