Rendering with Arnold for Oculus Rift

I have created an Arnold camera that will render stereoscopic panoramic images of 3D scenes to be visualized in the Oculus Rift headset.

That means that you will be able to feel an immersive experience in any scene that you render with Arnold.

An explanation about how this camera is created could be found in this tutorial I have created.

Here is a stereoscopic panoramic video:

You can download the full resolution video from here.

To reproduce the videos in the Oculus Rift, you can use any player that is able to reproduce an stereoscopic spherical screen. In my case, I have used MaxVR.

Then, you will be able to look in any direction inside the scene you have rendered.
This is what you will really see:



Some more example images created with this camera:





Thanks to:

Mery Project: For the scene used in this video.

Borja Morales (@reality3d): For his support.

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